Section 7: Enrolling or Sponsoring a


A. Duty to Accept Contractual Responsibilities.

  Before a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may act as an Enroller or Sponsor, the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER must meet all requirements and accept all responsibilities described in the Contract. 


B. Placement.

 A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may refer Persons to the Company as applicants to become SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's. Upon acceptance by the Company of the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER Agreement Form, applicants are placed in the Organization of the Enroller listed on the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER Agreement Form. 


C. Training and Support of Organization.

  In order to be a successful Enroller or Sponsor, a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER should assume training and support obligations for SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's in his Organization.  SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER'S success can come only through the systematic sale of Company products and the product sales of other SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's within his Organization. 


D. Open Local Markets.

A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER is entitled to enroll or sponsor other SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's only in Open Local Markets.  See, Section 15.

E. Becoming a Successful Enroller or Sponsor.

To be a successful Enroller or Sponsor and leader, a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER should perform the following responsibilities: 

1. Give regular sales and organizational training, guidance, and encouragement to the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER'S Organization.  An Enroller or Sponsor should maintain contact with everyone in his or her Organization and be available to answer questions; 

2. Exercise the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER'S best efforts to ensure that all SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER'S  in the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER'S Organization properly understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the Contract and applicable national and local laws, ordinances, and regulations; 

3. Intervene in any disputes arising between a customer and any of the SALT WAVE CLUB MAMBER'S Organization and attempt to resolve the dispute promptly and amicably; 

4. Provide training to ensure that product sales and opportunity meetings conducted by the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER'S Organization are conducted in accordance with the Contract and in accordance with any applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations; 

5. Promptly resolve any disputes between the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, other SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, and the Organization of the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER.

6. Educate those SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER enrolls and sponsors about the Company Policies.

F. Enroller and Sponsor Duty of Care. 

Enrollers and Sponsors have a responsibility and special duty of care to ensure that their actions or omissions do not cause or result in loss, harm or embarrassment to anyone in their Organization or the Company, and must promptly act to rectify any such loss, harm or embarrassment. 

At the time of signup, Enrollers should ensure that those they enroll are informed about who is to be their Enroller.  SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's should not leave the assignment of enrollership of a new SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's to their upline or some other person.

G. Realignment of All or Part of an Organization.  

The Company reserves the right to move or realign an Organization, or parts thereof, from Enrollers or Sponsors who violate the terms of this Policy Manual or who commit or are involved in conduct of moral turpitude as determined by the Company in its sole discretion. Nothing herein requires the Company to take any action, nor does it waive any rights by postponing or declining to do so.

Examples of conduct of moral turpitude may include but are not limited to: unwelcome sexual advances or communications, failure to repay debts, bankruptcy, physical harm, mischief or abuse, theft, and interference with family relationships.

The Company will give 30 day’s advance notice to any Enroller or Sponsor whose Organization is being moved or realigned.