Section 13: Payment of Taxes

A. Income Tax. 

A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER accepts sole responsibility for all self-employment and income taxes due to income earned as a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER.  At the end of each calendar year, SALT WAVE will provide a statement of earnings  form for tax purposes to each SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER with an annual income at or over the minimum required to be reported to the Canada Internal Revenue Service. Note: Any contest, incentive or prize items may be included in the form.  To the extent required by law, the Company will send notification of the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER’s product purchases and Bonus payments to relevant tax authorities.

B. Sales Tax.

SALT WAVE  provides the service of collecting province sales tax at the time of purchase and remitting it to the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's domicile province. The amount of sales tax is based upon the suggested retail price of a product, calculated at the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's local tax rate. SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBERS may recoup the prepaid sales tax at the time of retail sale.SALT WAVE will charge sales tax on the suggested retail price regardless of how the order was placed, according to the tax rates applicable to the state to which products are shipped by SALT WAVE. unless theSALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER has submitted a Sales Tax Exemption certificate and a Resale Tax Number.  Note: SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER are not exempt from taxes when products are sold to tax exempt customers.  Sales tax will be charged on the wholesale value of LRP autoship orders, as SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER certify and represent to SALT WAVE that their LRP purchases are for personal use, or for use in their business as samples, gifts, or testing, and that they are not to be resold.

C. Sales Tax Exemption. 

If allowed by law in a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER’s domicile province , and by the Company, a

SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER who prefers to collect, document, report, and pay his or her own sales tax may do so by obtaining a Resale Tax Number from the Province Department of Tax or Revenue and sending the Company the proper Sales Tax Exemption form that is recognized by his or her Province. The Company cannot exempt any

SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's order from pre-collected province sales tax until all proper documentation is on file with the Company.  The SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER

agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless regarding any liability that it is charged as a result of their failure to collect or remit sales tax.