Section 12: International Business

A. Permissible Activity in Unopened Markets.

Prior to the official opening of an Open Local Market, permissible SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER activity in an unopened Local Market is limited to providing business cards and conducting, organizing or participating in meetings where the number of attendees at any given meeting, including the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, does not exceed five. Participants in such meetings must be personal acquaintances of the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER or personal acquaintances of the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's personal acquaintances in attendance at the meeting. The meetings must be held in a home or a public establishment but may not be held in a private hotel room. All cold calling techniques (soliciting persons who are not prior personal acquaintances of the contacting SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER are strictly prohibited in unopened Local Markets. 

B. Prohibited Acts in Unopened Local Markets.  

1. A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may not import or facilitate the importation of, sale, gift, or distribution of, Company products, services, or product samples. 

2. A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may not place any type of advertisement or distribute promotional materials regarding the Company, its products or the opportunity, except Company Produced Sales Aids, which are specifically authorized for distribution in unopened Local Markets.

3. ASALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may not solicit or negotiate any agreement for the purpose of committing a citizen or resident of an unopened Local Market to the opportunity, a specific Enrolling Sponsor or specific line of sponsorship. Furthermore, SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may not sign up citizens or residents of unopened Local Markets in an Open Local Market or by using SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER Agreements from an Open Local Market, unless the citizen or resident of the unopened Local Market has, at the time of sign up, permanent residence and the legal authorization to work in the Open Local Market. It is the Enrolling Sponsor’s responsibility to ensure compliance with residency and work authorization requirements. Membership or participation in, or ownership of a Corporation, partnership or other legal entity in an Open Local Market does not by itself fulfill the residency or legal authorization to work requirements. If a participant to a Distributorship fails to provide verification of residency and work authorization when requested by the Company, the Company may, at its election, declare a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER void from its inception.

4. A Wellness Advocate may not accept money or other consideration, or be involved in any financial transaction with a potential SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER which rents, leases, or purchases facilities for the purpose of promoting or conducting Company-related business. 

5. A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may not promote, facilitate, or conduct any type of activity which exceeds the limitations set forth in this Policy Manual or which the Company, in its sole discretion, deems to be contradictory to the Company's business or ethical interests in international expansion.

D. No Exclusive Local Markets or Franchises.

There are no exclusive Local Markets or franchises.  An SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER has the right to operate anywhere in the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER’s country of residence. 

E. Prohibited Local Markets. 

The Company reserves the right to designate certain Local Markets wherein all pre-marketing conduct is expressly prohibited. It is the responsibility of each SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, prior to each instance of conducting pre-market opening activities in an unopened market, to verify through current contact with the Company that the Local Market in which she plans to conduct those activities is not a prohibited Local Market. A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may obtain a list of prohibited Local Markets by calling the Company. 

F. Violation of International Policy.

 In addition to other remedies allowed by the Contract, a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER who fails to comply with any provision of this Section 12 may be prohibited from participating in the affected international market for a period deemed appropriate by the Company. This prohibition could include but is not limited to the following: 

1.The SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may have no right to international distribution/sponsorship rights in the affected Local Market; 

2. The SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER and the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's upline may not be entitled to Bonuses generated by the  and the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER's Downline Organization in the respective Local Market;


3. Additionally, in all markets, for a period of up to one year, the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may not be entitled to privileges traditionally afforded SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER such as recognition at corporate events or in corporate literature, and receipt of new SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER sign up materials prior to the official opening of any new market.

A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER who has been unable to participate in a market because of non-compliance with Section 12 of this Policy Manual must petition the Company in writing for written permission to participate in the market after the period of prohibition has passed. 

G. No Waiver of Other Rights.  

The provisions of this Section 12 do not waive the Company's rights as set forth elsewhere in the Contract.