Section 1: Introduction

This SALT WAVE  Policy Manual (Policy Manual) has been incorporated into and made part of the Terms and Conditions of the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER Agreement Form.  This Policy Manual, the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER Agreement Form, and the Business Application Addendum constitute the entire agreement (“Contract”) between SALT WAVE  (“Company”) and the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER.  The Contract or any part thereof may be amended by the Company in accordance with the provisions herein. 

A SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER`S failure to comply with the provisions of this Policy Manual or any of the referenced documents comprising the Contract between the Company and a SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER may, in the sole discretion of the Company, result in any or all of the following:  termination of the Distributorship of the SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, loss of the right to sponsor other SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, loss of the right to receive a Bonus, loss of formal recognition by the Company, and suspension or termination of other rights and privileges.

A. SALT WAVE  Company Mission:

SALT WAVE  is committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of Halotherapy in the world.  SALT WAVE  does this by:

1. Discovering and developing the world’s highest-quality therapeutic-grade salt products through a leveraged network of highly-educated and experienced health scientists, and health care professionals;

2. Producing our salt products to the highest standard of quality, purity, and safety used in the industry. 

3. Distributing our products through SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER who, working from home, introduce, educate, and sell SALT WAVE   products;

4. Providing educational opportunities for all people interested in learning how Halotherapy can be used as a self-care wellness alternative;

5. Bringing together health care professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to encourage further study and application of Halotherapy in modern health care practices.

B. SALT WAVE   Company Values:  

SALT WAVE  will conduct business in such a way as to be a positive influence for good with each person, Customer, SALT WAVE CLUB MEMBER, employee, vendor, and partner with whom it comes in contact, by:


1. Conducting our business with absolute honesty and integrity;

2. Treating all people with kindness and respect;

3. Conducting our interactions with others in a spirit of service and caring;

4. Working hard and managing the use of company resources wisely;

5. Fostering an uplifting work environment by smiling, laughing, and having fun;

6. Being grateful for success and giving recognition to others; and by

7. Being generous with those less fortunate in our community and around the world.