Salt Wave Cube

Learn More About Salt Wave Cube as Your Personal Salt Room

Nicola Gazzetto designed SALT WAVE CUBE. This is an innovative method of treatment that utilizes halotherapy. The salt wave cube takes the benefits of medi-spa like setting and allows the portability of such technology into various locations like shopping malls, wellness centers, spas, retirements homes, gyms, airports, hospitals, yoga studios and at home use. As an alternative to a salt room near me, you can enjoy the self-supporting module experience provided by the cube. Each cube includes a salt wave halogenerator, also designed by Nicola Gazzetto providing optimal salt levels, built-in ventilation systems, a stereo system, an automatic door system, and sensory lighting. The modular version labelled a sleeping pod is a portable spa experience complete with two massage chairs. If you have questions or are interested in purchasing a SALT WAVE CUBE please contact Bob Sobolewski at

Visiting a salt room near me in Ottawa, ON, Canada is a great way to naturally and homeopathically treat various respiratory and skin conditions. Through the use of salt therapy, discovered hundreds of years ago in salt mines, you can achieve the same amazing results without spending time in a salt cave. You can opt for a Salt Wave breathing center treatment or instead choose a salt wave cube that allows you to transport your salt therapy anywhere. Unlike the ruggedness of a salt mine, a halotherapy room is a controlled, comfortable environment that presents itself as a spa-like experience.

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, has evolved from speleotherapy is utilizing the natural healing power of salt, through prolonged exposure to treat an abundance of conditions. The same benefits derived hundreds of years earlier by spending hours in the salt mine, is experienced in just short sessions within a salt therapy room or salt cube for only 40 minutes. You can be sure you are getting the ideal amount of salt necessary for optimal healing with SALT WAVE.

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