Authentic salt therapy breathing medi spa will have a certified halotherapist. A certified halotherapist will recommend a personal treatment for your specific  condition. 

There are three primary characteristics of pure sodium chloride, NaCl, known as salt: 

  1. Salt is super absorbent (especially when it is completely dry)

  2. Salt is anti-bacterial

  3. Salt is anti-inflammatory

 Dry pharmaceutical grade salt is placed into a halogenerator that then precisely grinds the salt into specific micro-sized particles and then disperses the salt aerosol into the air. As the salt travels in the salt room, these salt particles of dry sodium chloride are inhaled into the respiratory system.

The dry salt naturally starts to absorb and kill bacteria, allergens, toxins in your upper and lower respiratory tract. The properties of dry salt also absorb impurities and provide anti-bacterial properties that benefit the skin such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema as well as regulates the skin's micro-circulation. The smaller particles can reach beneath the skin’s surface and absorb moisture towards the skin.