Beat the Cold and Flu

Are you struggling to fight off the cold and flu? It might be time to try salt therapy.

There is relief…

Give your body the support it needs to combat the cold and flu.

With regular salt therapy over several weeks, many of our clients experience relief from the common cold – and congestion.

Most of our clients schedule regular visits before and during the cold and flu season (and the back-to-school/childcare period) to help boost their health and immune system.

It’s the smart step to building better health for you and your family.

How salt therapy eases cold and flu symptoms

Salt therapy is designed to relieve congested airways.

When inhaled, salt thins your mucus and makes it less sticky. So it’s easier to dislodge and expel.

Dry salt particles also gently stimulate your body’s natural cilia movement. Cilia help keep our sinuses clear of mucus and dirt. But when you inhale salt, you accelerate this process.

This results in less bad bacteria and reduced congestion.

It’s more than a remedy. It’s an experience.

SALT WAVE delivers more than relief. We also provide a calm, relaxing experience.

Each session runs for 50 minutes – which is the perfect amount of time to unwind, without it interfering with your busy schedule.

Salt particles penetrate deep into the lungs to treat damaged tissue. Sometimes symptoms subside for up to 12 months following salt therapy. Additionally persons suffering from chronic bronchitis who do a halotherapy course report:

Reduction in the need for inhalers, steroids, and antibiotics

Breathing is easier after just a few sessions

Improved lung function

  • Reduction in the number of hospital admissions

  • Alleviates sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath

  • Clears mucus and sticky phlegm from the lungs

  • Increase the resistance to respiratory tract diseases

  • Strengthens the immune system

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